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GMC supports BAPIO

University of Hertfordshire & Bapio Institute for Health Research COVID 19 Psychology Study

A Message from Dr Aseem Malhotra Metabolic Syndrome and COVID 19

COVID PSYCH Study Psychological Distress in the Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID 19 Survey of NHS Healthcare Workers

BAME children are most at risk of developing COVID 19 Complications

Dr Anne Gallagher, Director-General of the Commonwealth Foundation, for the GAPIO Midyear Conference

BAPIO Interview with Prof Ged Byrne

BAPIO Interview with Dr Navina Evans

Hon Matt Hancock MP Secretary of State for Health - BAPIO Annual Conference 20-22 November 2020

BAPIO in one word

BAPIO Documentaries: Sparkle of Light

BAPIO Thanks Unsung Heroes of the COVID Crisis India

How BAPIO Is Helping with the India COVID Crisis

BAPIO helps Indian COVID Crisis through telemedicine

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