Indigo BAPIO

INDIGO BAPIO is a Google group ( ) which is open to all BAPIO members. The group is an informal forum to discuss any issues affecting group members. Members can get help on any personal or professional issue that they might have in an open, honest and cordial environment. The group includes doctors from a variety of specialties and grades. Members can access archive conversations that will allow them get instant answers on previously discussed issues if they use a gmail address to join the group. Membership: To join this Google group, please email It is recommended to use Gmail to join the group so that you can get the best functionality out of google groups.

Moderators of the group

Dr Santosh Bongale

Dr Vinod Singaravelu

Advisors to the group

Dr Nanda Kumar (Bade Bhaiya)

Dr Joydeep Grover

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