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Recent health scare stories and the anticipated problems of funding future health care have forced leaders in the caring professions and academics to seek innovative ways of designing safe and effective health services.  Academics, businesses, patient activist groups and law makers agree the time has now come to radically re-think services to make it deliverable at the doorstep where it will be most needed. Now when the pace of change is accelerating in all directions, NHS leaders especially doctors are sometimes perceived as resisting the changes. This second Patient Safety Awareness Seminar by BAPIO in collaboration with local stakeholders is an attempt to rectify this imbalance by bringing patients at the heart of our health services and improve the personal experience of care in terms of safety and quality.

A) Bring health leaders, key professionals (clinical and non-clinical) and patients together to have a shared understanding of the benefits of new technologies and innovative approaches
B) Enable clinical practitioners and senior healthcare managers understand common pitfalls in service provision that could compromise patient safety
C) Improve awareness among healthcare commissioners and providers about the recent regulatory changes involving the GMC, NCAS and CQC
D) Develop a Road Map for local health services to keep patient safety at the heart of any future changes taking our rurality into consideration
E) Establish a network of individuals committed to improving patient safety and raising the standards of care for all citizens

Health is not the exclusive persuasion of any particular profession. It is our belief that it is in everyone’s best interest to be involved in supporting improvements in the health and well-being of each disparate member in our community. This workshop is therefore intended for GPs, hospital doctors, medical managers, nurses, patient safety groups and other stakeholders including public and private providers of health services, social services, the professional associations of doctors and nurses, corporate businesses and academics. Local and national leaders from the health services, industry, academics, regulatory bodies and patient groups will be sharing their experiences and exchanging views.

5 CPD points applied for.
Registration fee: £100 includes Refreshments and Dinner.

For details please contact :

Mr Shyam Kumar
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Chair, BAPIO Lancaster

Mr Amit Kochhar
Assoc. Specialist in ENT & National BMA Chair for SAS Doctors
Secretary, BAPIO Lancaster

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