Post Covid-19 Challenges for Challenged

BAPIO Collaborated with Commonwealth Association for Health & Disability (COMHAD) for an International Conference of COMHAD 2021 on 10 th ,11 th and 12th of Dec 2021.

BAPIO joined with COMHAD organising an international conference on “Post Covid- 19 challenges for Challenged”. There was a preconference workshop on “Nurturing Care for Early Childhood Development” and “Nutrition Challenges in Challenged Children in COVID 19 and Post COVID-19”. Pre conference workshops were supported by UNICEF.

BAPIO team led by Dr Ramesh Mehta actively participated in hosting the conference. Dr Renu Jainer and Dr Sanjay Gupta joined Prof Mrudula Phadke as organising Chairperson for the conference. Dr Yashwant Patil and Dr Uday
Bodhankar with Dr Ramesh Mehta advised and guided the team. Dr Ananta Dave, Mr Giridhar Ravi, Dr Arvind Shah, Dr Manish Pareek, Dr Renu Jainer, Dr Jyothi Srinivas, Dr Biju Simon and Dr Sanjay Gupta participated as speakers or chairs with internationally renowned team of speakers.

Dr Mehta delivered Late Dr V R Pandurangi oration. Lt-Gen Prof Madhuri Kanitkar, Prof Srinath Reddy and Dr Vikas Amte joined the inaugural function.

Dr Prajakta Kaduskar and Dr Biju Simon operationally administrated the programme with leadership of Dr Jithin Jit with BAPIO team of Dr Abhijeet Shankar, Dr Jomith Jose, Dr Subhangi Barnwal, Dr Lakshmish Devang, Mr Jeremiah Simon, Dr Sumaya Rafi, Dr Syeda Fatima, Dr Siri Chandana Sola and Dr Parveen Doddamani.

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