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British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO), established in 1996, is a national, voluntary, multi-professional organisation which represents the interests of multi-ethnic healthcare workers and is the largest organisation of its kind in the UK. BAPIO is committed to supporting the NHS in providing best patient care through professional excellence, leadership, research, education and training for a multi-skilled workforce.
The Equality Act (2010) legally protects people from discrimination and aims to reduce socioeconomic inequity, prohibit victimisation, eliminate discrimination and increase equality of opportunity. BAPIO has a mission to promote equity of access, opportunity and celebrate diversity through sustainable health policy and enforcement of the Equality Act and other legal provisions where needed. It also provides a platform for its members to have equal opportunity, promotes individual excellence through mentorship and supports rich portfolio careers in health care. Ultimately, it aims to influence health and wellbeing of a global population focusing on the richness of diverse ethnicity, social, cultural experiences by linking with shared experience of a global network of health professional and their representative bodies.

Engagement with SAS and LED doctors.

Forums will be open to all BAPIO SAS and LED members.

The Forum shall provide opportunity for interaction, identify areas of member’s interest, share examples of best practice and formulate solutions to the barriers faced in professional and social progression.

The Forum shall plan and organise activities in pursuance of the objectives under the wider BAPIO umbrella.

The Forum shall provide representation at the BAPIO Think Tank and other events as required by the BAPIO Executive Committee.

The Forum will maintain accurate records of its activities and resources and provide regular reports to the Executive Committee of their activities and recommendations.

conflict of interest register shall be maintained and updated annually. It remains the responsibility of the membership of the executive to keep this register updated.

All members shall respond and engage in a timely manner in all tasks agreed within the executive.

In doing so, the Forum shall ensure that all the members are treated fairly and equally and do nothing that brings the name of BAPIO into disrepute or participate in activities not endorsed by the Executive Committee.

All members shall abide by duties and behaviours as set out in good medical practice by GMC.

Informations will be updated soon

The BAPIO Head office shall provide necessary secretarial and administrative support.

The BAPIO Head Office shall be responsible for ensuring that all the records of the administrative and communication details are updated to meet the requirements of the constitutional and financial reporting and for the purposes of the data governance as applicable.

Financial support shall be offered for the activities such as meetings and membership drive. In addition, the Forum is encouraged to identify additional sources of income through sponsorship in line with requirements and obligations set out by General Medical council.

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Charter for Locally Employed Doctors in the NHS in the UK

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