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UK-REACH is a United Kingdom Research study into Ethnicity and COVID-19 outcomes in Healthcare workers. Registered healthcare workers living and working in the UK are being invited to take part in the study.

What is the purpose of the study?

The researchers hope to recruit 30,000 healthcare workers to provide a comprehensive picture of the impact of COVID-19. The study aims to better understand:

  • how social and work-related factors affect the risks of COVID-19 infection;
  • the impact on physical and mental health outcomes from COVID-19 among healthcare workers; and
  • how to help reduce differences in outcomes among healthcare workers from diverse ethnic groups.

Can people from all communities join the study?

Yes. People from all communities are welcome and invited to join the study. Minority ethnic and migrant communities have had higher rates of COVID-19 hospital admissions, and therefore people from these communities are encouraged to consider taking part.

Do I have to have had COVID-19 to join the study?


Do I need to look after patients directly to join the study?


What is involved?

Participants will be asked to:

  • Consent to participate;
  • Register their details;
  • Complete a questionnaire (this takes about 30 minutes); and
  • With the participants permission, the participant’s health records will be linked to the study for up to 25 years. Note: This activity is done in the NHS and information will remain anonymous to the research team.

The research team will ask the participant’s permission to:

  • Be contacted about two further questionnaires over the next year (at approximately 4 and 8 months’ time);
  • Send the participant reminders if a process is only part-completed;
  • Periodically link to the participant’s health records for as long as the study continues; and
  • recontact participants in the future to ask permission to include them in additional studies.

Participation is voluntary and participants are free to withdraw at any time without giving a reason.

For further details on the study please read the participant information sheet or read responses to some Frequently Asked Questions.

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