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BAPIO is a non-profit organisation open to all healthcare professionals in the UK. We are acclaimed for our commitment to empowering doctors and nurses, fostering professional development, and promoting equality, diversity and inclusion within the National Health Service (NHS). Since its conception in 1996 with the initial aim of supporting international 
medical graduates, BAPIO has grown in stature and influence to become one of the largest organisations of its type in the country. 

BAPIO has 13 divisions covering all regions of the UK as well as 7 specialty forums including the Women’s Forum, Young Doctor’s Forum, GP Forum, Health & Well-being Forum, SAS/LED Forum, Paediatric Forum and Patient Safety Forum. BAPIO also has five arm’s length bodies: Medical Defence Shield (MDS), BAPIO Training Academy (BTA) , BAPIO Institute for Health Research (BIHR) , British Indian Nurses Association (BINA) , and BAPIO Faculty of Leadership (BFL).

BAPIO is dedicated to helping all its members maximise their potential by providing
 networking opportunities with thought leaders and industry experts, mentorship and guidance, access to a range of CPD-accredited events, conferences, and workshops as well as advocacy and support.

BAPIO collaborates with UK Healthcare stakeholders including the  General Medical Council, Health Education England, and the  Royal Colleges to enhance the professional skills of doctors and to monitor, highlight and address the difficulties faced by doctors from ethnic minorities. Since its inception, we have successfully carried out many campaigns against discrimination and have come a long way in reducing the inherent inequality in many aspects of education, training, and career progression. BAPIO has professional links with ethnic minority medical organisations and our charitable activities are focused on supporting disaster events globally.

The Medical Defence Shield (MDS) covers both employment and conduct issues. BAPIO established it as our members were not getting expected service from existing medico-legal organisations. It has become a significant organisation with excellent track record of supporting doctors in difficulty.

The BAPIO Training Academy (BTA) was launched in 2015 by then CEO of the NHS Mr Simon Stevens. It has a huge training footprint in the UK and India. BTA also helps with recruitment and retention of the healthcare personnel. Furthermore, it. Provides excellent opportunities for healthcare professionals to become-faculty for training in the UK and India.

BAPIO Institute for Health Research (BIHR) provides opportunities to participate in rearch. It has two peer reviewed academic Journals, The Physician and The Sushruta with preferential article processing charges  for BAPIO members.

BAPIO faculty of Leadership (BFL) provides training in Leadership and Mentoring.

The British Indian Nurses Association helps with ongoing support to Indian Nurses in the UK.

Join Us  as we work towards having a more inclusive and diverse society.

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