BAPIO’s letter to Prime Minister of India regarding Ukraine crisis and Indian medical students

BAPIO writes a letter to Shree Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India regarding the ongoing  crisis and Indian medical students studying in Ukraine. BAPIO holds a long and deep interest in supporting medical students and doctors of Indian origin in the UK as well as in India, and our attention is now drawn to the emerging crisis to scores of medical students who are being forced to emigrate out of Ukraine.

In the letter BAPIO President Dr Ramesh Mehta and Chairman Dr J S Bamrah expressed that BAPIO would be only too pleased to work with the local embassy in Ukraine and neighbouring countries as well as the Indian Ministry of External Affairs to ensure any medical student caught in the crisis has the support needed, which could be food, essential equipment, and medical supplies which we would try and source and raise funds for.

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Pic Credit – Government of India, GODL-India <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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