Hot topics in Paediatrics RCPCH conference 2022 Liverpool

Every year  BAPIO has  delivered  an afternoon on  hot topics at Paediatrics  at RCPCH annual conference. 

This is an opportunity to showcase our diversity of topics and speakers but is also challenging to decide every year what topics would interest the audience and where we have gaps in our knowledge which need addressing.

Last year in our virtual conference we could learn from across the globe with speakers from US ,UK,  India  on  management of Covid challenges though an element of  fear and anxiety prevailed  .We had Shivani Didi talk about ways of managing stress too.

This year was reliving our experience  of a face to face conference after a gap of 2 long years with more enthusiasm with a wide number of topics presented. After Dr. Ramesh Mehta, President of BAPIO set the scene, we had an opening talk by Prof. Mukhopadhaya which was on  precision medicine in asthma. This has been ground-breaking as it would change the way we treat it in future .

We had a keynote lecture on leadership from our RCPCH President Dr. Camila Kingdon and her compassion and kindness is reflected in her practice too.

  Dr. Lavanya Damodarn  enlightened us not only on Tourettes syndrome/tic disorder  diagnosis but also a variety of new  management options.

It was interesting to see Professor Parag Singhal `s road map of international fellowship and how it has spread its footprint in the UK benefitting so many overseas trainees.

How could we forget long term Covid in children? Dr. Nakul Gupta shared his experiences about a clinic set up in Wales and its  similarities to chronic fatigue syndrome .It was his special 40th birthday he celebrated with us that day too.

Last but not the least was practical tips  for cow’s milk protein intolerance by Rachel  which is such a common condition we all deal with as clinicians.

The speakers , chairs ,the audience and the questions kept the whole atmosphere of exchange of knowledge and learning flowing that afternoon .We look forward for  this process  of continuous learning to lead on  year after year.

By Dr Renu Jainer

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