Response from UK Home Office to BAPIO letter concerning UK Government plans to cut net migration

On 4 December 2023, the Rt Hon James Cleverly MP, Secretary for State for the Home Department, laid out the UK Government’s plans to reduce migration levels and curb abuse of the immigration system. These plans included restrictions on overseas care workers from bringing family members to the UK as well as plans to increase the annual Immigration Health Surcharge.

Following this announcement, Dr. Ramesh Mehta, President of BAPIO, wrote a letter to the Home Secretary outlining BAPIO’s concerns regarding the announcement and requesting clarification on key points. The Home Office replied to BAPIO on 11 January 2024 laying out the Government’s position in more detail.

Both Dr. Mehta’s letter and the Home Office’s reply are enclosed.

BAPIO Letter

Home Office Reply to BAPIO


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