BAPIO Training Academy to hold Advanced Ultrasound Master Classes

Advanced Ultrasound Trauma and Life Support Course Candidates

BAPIO Training Academy has planned two master classes train doctors in the use of ultrasound in the ABCD of Resuscitation. The two courses, one in Basildon and another in Western super Mayer, Bristol is expected to be attended by a number of doctors.

The course with hands on practice will cover followings:

Airway: Ultrasound Anatomy, Tracheal Injuries, Threatened Airway Confirmation, Needle Cricothyroidotomy, Tracheostomy
Breathing: Haemo-pneumothorax, Lung Contusion, Sternal Fractures, Pneumonia, Diaphragm Injury, Circulation: CPR, Cardiac Injuries, Vascular/Volume Status, CVP,
Disability: Pupils Examination, Skull Fracture, Non-invasive ICP, Midline Shift and
Secondary Survey: Fractures, Foreign Bodies, Ocular Injuries, Nerve Blocks.

The courses will be delivered experts in the faculty. Booking is available via BAPIO website.
Sunday the 13th November at Basildon Hospital
Thursday the 17th November at Western super Mayer, Bristol

For Registration Please call: 01234 212879 0r email:

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